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Initially, I was skeptical but when I saw the comparison made about what HomeValue.us.org is offering compared to the competition I was immediately sold! The facts are real as I purchased the report I was anxiously waiting, I know most of the information is available on Zillow but the additional information about sex offender, crime rate and many other neighborhood information was very valuable to me to help me understand where the property am purchasing is located at. Great service and fast responses, I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for this information that is hard to find in one spot. The Premium service would be perfect for a Real Estate Agent who can provide those reports to his clients and give them peace of mind. Obviously, buying a home is not just about the house itself, but also the surroundings, the neighborhood and the schools. Which you get right here in one SPOT! - Jason Hawi.

Everything you may want to know in one place..photo of neighborhood linked to google for adequate exploration. Property information available as reported. Copy of assessment areas by assessor on form that is available for use. Helpful. - Pat

Needed a comparison for Property taxes - Didn't even know were to begin. Needed a comparison for property taxes and wanted to see if my estimated values where correct on my home. This report seemed legit and very close to the other information I have received. I will see if they actually send me the hard copy but as of right now I am completely satisfied with this service and will use them again. - Raji Roberts

USEFUL INFORMATION AND HANDY CHECKLIST The information on the home appears to be collected from zillow and from tax collectors office, however, the report includes pictures posted from the last sale listing and consolidates info into one report. I was suprised to see my bird's eye view was current and shows my new fencing. Also provided is a handy home buyers checklist which I plan to use as a home sellers checklist to ensure i don't overlook any important updates/fixes on my home prior to selling. All in all, a good deal. - Barbara

This report gave me all the information I was looking for, value of property, crime rate, schools, demographics. Easy site to use to make your decision on the property that you are looking to buy. - Suzie O'Connor

Very easy to use the interesting information, something every home owner should know on a regular basis - Derek Basham

Although I was a little skeptical at first, I completed the process and printed the Zillow report. Thanks. - Robert Love